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   Paper Favor Boxes & Bags
Butterfly with Flower Paper Box(2 sizes)
More than 100pcs: SGD0.65
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Diamond Shaped Laser Cut Double Happiness Gentry Tassel Box(2 Sizes)
More than 100pcs: SGD0.65
Add to cart  
Square Laser Cut Double Happiness Gentry Tassel Box
More than 100pcs: SGD0.65
Add to cart  
New Design Double Happiness Square Box in Blue Pattern(with Ribbon)
More than 100pcs: SGD0.65
Add to cart  
Full of Flower Double Happiness Favor Bag
More than 100pcs: SGD0.65
Add to cart  
Poeny Graphic Square Oriental Favors Box
More than 100pcs: SGD
Add to cart  
Signature Butterfly Lady Handbag Favors Box
More than 100pcs: SGD0.75
Add to cart  
New Oriental Red Large Size Paper Bag
More than 100pcs: SGD2.45
Add to cart  
Oriental Bright Red Coronet Box
More than 100pcs: SGD0.85
Add to cart  
Vintage Golden Embossed Flower Favor Box
More than 100pcs: SGD0.65
Add to cart  
Red Double Happiness in Flower Carry Bag
More than 100pcs: SGD0.55
Add to cart  
New Blue and White Porcelain Favor Box
More than 100pcs: SGD0.65
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